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Enkay Public School celebrated Independence day with patriotic fervour

Independence Day at EPS

The 69th Independence day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Enkay Public School imparting the importance of our country's history and legacy. The school has collaborations with more than 20 countries and it was a proud moment when representatives from all these countries joined the celebrations. As the tricolor furled across the school grounds, it was a proud moment for everyone present there.

Enkay Public School is uniting people around the globe on educational level. By organizing various events to create awareness about social issues, the school invites professionals from international locations to elevate the importance of the events. Their presence glorified the Independence day fete.

Independence Day at EPS

The zeal of the event highlighted the felicitation of Chief guests Ms Sumi Ajmera from Cogizant technologies, Mr RD Patil, Mr Kaushal Kishore, Mr Shrishil Watade, Mr Dharma Rajan, Mr Kailash Mali along with the administrating head, Ms Meenakshi Ramteke added to the celebrations.

The campus of the school was decorated where every wall impressively exuded patriotism in a unique way. The program started on a high note as the school choir matched tunes with the march past by the primary children. The words "Vijayi vishwa tiranga pyaara" echoed till the skies were filled with the melodious sounds of the students.

Independence Day at EPS

To reminiscent people of the rich legacy of India, students of Enkay Public school gave speeches. Master Yugant Khaire of the third grade's piece on the stories of Indian independence from the yore till date was applause worthy where as, Miss Harshala Gharat from sixth grade educated everyone about the responsibility of being a free and independent economy. Finally, everyone was moved immensely after listening to sixth grade's Miss Pratiksha Kathe sharing about the lives of Indian jawans who die so that citizens like us can live peacefully.

The excitement of the crowd hit the pinnacle when the Lezim performance began. It is a traditional dance form of Maharashtra and witnessing the kids' energy, everyone couldn't help but tap their feet too.

Independence Day at EPS

The primary children organized a skit, "Tracking the religious hands" embarking on the religion, spiritual and historical journey of India. The Enkay Public School believes that the image and outlook of a country is totally dependent on the cultural image of the country. "We are still gripped to the roots even if the economy is towards the steps of modernity," said a dignitary.

Later on the foreign representatives engaged the students with various activities such as team building, efficiency in communication skills, self-defence and many others to enhance their interpersonal skills. The team enthralled the crowd with entertaining performances representing India's multicultural moralities, ethics and values.

The event came to an end with a vote of thanks and a patriotic song by the school choir.

Published On 16 August, 2015

Plant a tree, Plant a new life!

Tree Plantation

On the occasion of environment week, Enkay Public School had organized a tree plantation drive in its area. All the students of the school actively participated in this noble initiative. Small plant saplings were planted all around the Enkay land. The goal of this drive was to raise consciousness amongst the students as well as the public towards bio-diversity.

The drive was initiated to perform social responsibility considering the importance of trees. Without trees, there would be no life on our planet. Trees create the oxygen all human beings need for free. Not everyone considers tree as a resource for life. Hence, there is a rampant cutting down of the valuable forests on a large scale. Did you know that to reverse this disaster we have already created by chopping down the trees; we need to plant approximately 14 billion trees every year for next 10 years?

Tree Plantation

Shocked? Yes, but it is true! Therefore Enkay Public School took up the initiative to make our Earth Green, beautiful and pollution free by growing more trees. This drive also imparted the importance of trees on the students.

Along with tree plantations, speeches on environment development, promotion of tree plantations and eco-system maintenance were delivered. Various slogans were also highlighted. The students were shown the basic procedure of doffing pot holes to plant saplings.

Tree Plantation

Global warming and climate change are not unheard or abstract concepts anymore. Hence, we do not need to just sit back and wait for some miracle to happen to save our planet. Enkay Public School believes that we should take the matters in our own hands. The tree plantation drive serves as a mitigation methods and improving the number of trees in the areas. We wish to inspire others in the neighbouring areas as well to plant more trees.

Published On 20 July, 2015

Healthy Teeth, Happy Smiles!

Dental Camp

Dental hygiene is not taken seriously in our country. Therefore, Enkay Public School in association with Yerala Medical College took up an initiative to organize a free Dental Awareness and Hygiene Checkup camp for all the students of the school.

The school has always been known to held events to reach out to the people of the nearby area. Its prime objective is to enable the children lead an active and efficient life after completing their education. The teachers and staff of Enkay Public School have been striving hard to serve the kids and people of the villages and serve the society for its advancement.

Dental Camp

The Dental camp was conceived to motivate dental health at young age among the students and cultivate dental hygiene for the future society. Skilled dentists from Yerala Medical College initiated the event by educating not only the students, but also the teachers about common dental ailments. They also shared preventive measures for tooth decay and gum troubles. Everyone was educated about foods that are the main causes behind tooth decay and plaque.

Dental Camp

The teachers and students interacted with the dentists to clear out their doubts and queries concerning oral health. Each student was then given a thorough dental checkup and recommended treatment plans if needed. The mission of the school is to organize Dental hygiene camp every six months to make sure that the students' oral health is always perfect.

The principal of the school thanked all the dental surgeons, Para-medical staff and management of Yerala Medical School for rendering moral and selfless service to the school.

Published On 13 July, 2015